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Thread: Execute SQL script with parameter in a transformation

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    Default Execute SQL script with parameter in a transformation

    Hi !

    I try to execute a SQL script where I insert rows in a table. Before executing this script, I extract from a table the max value of the key of the table to use it to insert my rows.

    So in the step "Execute SQL Script", I add my paramater at the bottom of the window, and in my script I write "insert into table values (?,1,99,'XXXX','YYYYY');".
    When I try to execute this line, i have a syntax error near ",".

    I know that I have to increment my key, but it's just to see if the syntax works fine, but it doesn't.

    I don't have to mark any checkbox like "Replace variables in SQL script" ?

    Do you have any idea about my problem ?

    I use Kettle 4.1.2 and Postgres Databases.

    Thanks for your reply.

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    What in particular is wrong with using a "Table Output" step?

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    I do this because I have to add in a dimension table in my datawarehouse a row which is not in my databases of production. It is a row like "Unknown".

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    did you fill in the Parameters grid to state which field populates which parameter?

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    Yes, I add my field in the Parameters grid.

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    Well, in any case, "Table Output" takes care of the correct mapping of fields automatically.
    If you script the SQL the parameters are positional (sequential) and as such a bit harder to figure out.

    PostgreSQL does not (to my knowledge) have auto-increment fields, only sequences, right?

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    Yes (to my knowledge too) PostgreSQL have only sequences. But I think i'm gonna use a sequence, it will be easier. Cause I really don't know where my syntax error comes from...

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