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Thread: Agile BI + Kettle (Michael Tarallo)

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    Question Agile BI + Kettle (Michael Tarallo)


    I don't remember very well, but I believe that some time ago I watched a video on, where to create Dimensions and Fact tables I should use Datawarehouse->"Combination lookup/update" step and Output->"Table Output" step.

    Since that I've been using this way to create my dimensions and fact tables.

    But I've just watched a video from Michael Tarallo about Agile BI and its plugin for Kettle.

    In the video he uses Model View Perspective to create a new model Cube and publish it in Pentaho.

    I tried use it with one fact and many dimensions table, but didn't work very well because the Model View doesn't recognize my dimensions table.

    Analysing Michael's video, he put dimensions and fact datas in just one table.

    Is this a good way to create my data warehouse, to allow I use the Agile BI plugin ?

    Thanks in advance.

    Kleyson Rios.

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    Hello Kleyson,

    "Agile BI" in its current state within PDI 4.1.2 allows one to get started with Pentaho very quickly by prototyping one's data. In the sense of a traditional data warehouse you should normalize you data into the appropriate fact / dimensional model. However, with newer high speed columnar database technology such as Ingres VectorWise this is becoming more unlikely and many are opting for single large tables. This depends on your application of course, so please research appropriately.

    What you can do in the current release, is export the created model to a "Mondrian Schema" and then open the exported .xml file in Schema Workbench to setup your appropriate fact and dimension table relationships. Schema Workbench and the Pentaho Metadata Editor (tools for creating the Pentaho BI Server semantic layer) will be deprecated in over time as the new "Agile BI" modeling perspective continues to grow to support full snow flake and star schemas.

    Hope this helps

    Mike Tarallo
    Director of Sales Engineering

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