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Thread: PAN Unable to prepare (..) Log connection error?

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    Default PAN Unable to prepare (..) Log connection error?

    When I start PAN (PDI 4.1.0), with log level=Debug, my transformation (that runs perfectly in SPOON) does not start. The last lines op PAN are:
    -------- PAN output
    xyz - New database connection defined
    Transformatie 1 - Opening log connection [xyz]
    Unable to prepare and initialize this transformation
    -------- End PAN output

    The transformation should log to connection xyz. That is a MS SQL windows authenticated server (using ntlmauth.dll). No problem in SPOON.

    Is there a way to get more debug info from PAN (p.e. java exception trace).

    Carl van Denzen
    P.S. I have already put ntlmauth.dll in several places, I have changed my java.libray.path to reflect these changes. But that doesn't change the error message.

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    I modified to print the stack trace and finally got this error: "(..) SQLServerDriver(..) could not establish a secure connection to SQL (..) Error: "RSA premaster secret error".
    I wonder why Spoon doesn't have this problem. Does anyone know how to solve this?

    Tip for the developers: simply add "+e" after the error message in at line 401.

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    Problem solved: I added
    set JAVA_EXT_DIRS=%JAVA_EXT_DIRS%;C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\lib\ext\

    after the other lines that set JAVA_EXT_DIRS.
    This lets ext dirs point to sunjce_provider.jar, dnsns.jar, loacledata.jar and sunpkcs11.jar.

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