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Thread: Use email attachment as input

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    Default Use email attachment as input

    Is is possible (or is there any plugin, which allows) to use the attachment (in Excel format) as the input of a PDI-transformation. Every time the transformation (or job) is started, the mail box should be polled. If new mail is available, the attachment should be retrieved and used as an Excel input.

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    Hi there,

    I think most people do that by having a job that uses the "Get Mails" job entry, and follow it up by a transformation that uses an Excel input step.



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    I realize this is a very old thread but it is exactly what I am looking to do and searching and searching is just coming up here. Does anyone know of an example of this? I fail to see how in the 5.1.0 Email Messages Input step I can get at the attachment and turn it into something the Excel step can receive.

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    Yes we do exactly that.

    Use a 'get emails from ..." job step saving the attachments to a specific folder (we use a 'today's folder but that's for convenience), then check if the desired file is there (we require a specific name, but you can also look whatever is there and check the date/time). Start a transformation that reads the desired file(s).

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