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Thread: Maximum file size for log file

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    Question Maximum file size for log file

    Good afternoon everyone!

    After much searching, I have been asking for help here in the forum. I run my jobs from the command line. Something like this:

    ---- kitchen.bat / file: "C: \ job1.kjb" / level: Basic> c: \ Logs \ logJobFile.log

    I want to set a maximum file size for file logJobFile.log. This job tries to run again if it fails, so if one fails to defy many times the size of the log file is huge. I do not want to write to log tables, I only write to file. There is some property of the kettle that I can change, or I can set via command line in the Kitchen?

    I'm using kettle 3.2. Appreciate the help!


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    You are piping the output of a program to a log file. So the program can in no way ever limit the file size of the log file. Sorry!

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    Tks Matt!

    I searched for alternatives and I think I'll use the function GetFileSize from javascript and do a check in the Job. If the file size is reached, I will send the job to abort.

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