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Thread: DefaultValue of parameter seems to be not passed along in kittchen

  1. Default DefaultValue of parameter seems to be not passed along in kittchen

    Who does know the details about parameters?

    I have created a bunch of transformations and jobs and all have basically the same set of parameters, which end up in defining the database they run against (src_db_hostname, src_db_username, ...).

    I have set default values at every level of job, sub-job, transformation.

    I now want to define a top level job that sets just a few of those parameters as theri default value (such as in order to "pre-configure" the database for all underlying jobs.

    This works fine in spoon, but when I run the same job in kittchen, then the default value from the top job does not get passed along to the sub-job or transformation or step. It appears in that case the value from the closest transformation wins.

    I can overwrite the param value from the kittchen command though, i.e. ... ....

    Is that the intended behavior? If so, why does my scheme appear to work in Spoon but behaves differently in Kittchen?

  2. Default More details on Parameter behavior

    So I found out that I also need to aggregate all parameters in my hierarchy.

    If I have a parameter in a low level transformation, but don't carry it in the higher level job, then I can't specify it's value as -param:name=value on the kitchen command line.

    I hoped to only carry the "must be defined by the user" parameters in the top level job, just to cut down on the number of parameters.

  3. Default

    Replying to myself :-). For what it is worth to any reader

    I opened a ticket and have worked out a work around (see ticket).

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