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Thread: Permission to Save as an Analysis View without overwrite the original

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    Question Permission to Save as an Analysis View without overwrite the original

    I set up the permissions "Create", "Update", and "Execute" to an Analysis View to one user (user 1), and I want to allow to this user only the posibility to the "Save as" this View with other name and not to overwrite it, but with this permissions it's not possible to do that. I try with different permission combinations but without succes.
    I'll apreciate any help.

    Thanks in advance

    Marcos Pierri

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    having the same problem I decided to revoke write permission on OS level ( running on a linux box ). Then I granted all rights in Pentaho BI Suite again and the users were able to save their own creations without being able to overwrite the originals.
    I think there is a bug in the user rights implementation, one should be able to write a read only view to another file.

    Does anyone know if there is something in jira ?


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    mpierri stated that user 1 has been granted Update permission. That would mean that he has the ability to Save. Please note that the UI might not enable and disable the Save and Save As buttons according to permissions. However, the actual operation should be subject to authorization rules.

    pfabrici: If you find yourself manipulating OS level permissions, then something is wrong.

    If you believe this is a bug, please create a bug report in JIRA: When you create the bug report, it's very important to provide a reproduction path: the exact steps taken to reproduce the problem.

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    Default Not able to see the analysis reports I created??


    I had a strange problem. I installed pentaho and want to create my own aanalysis report using steel wheels data.. I am able to save the report.. but not able to see in the listing available in browser window? Also, I tried to create my own folder. It is created physically, but not able to see on the screen.

    Also, I added new cube for my own data and trying to add new reports..I am able to save. But not able to see the reports. I have no idea what is happening.

    Can anybody guide me what went wrong and what do I need to do to get the newly created analysis reports visible?

    Please suggest!

    Appreciate any help.


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