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Thread: Kettle logs to database, START_DATE issue.

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    Default Kettle logs to database, START_DATE issue.

    Hi All,

    I am writing kettle logs to database in pre-created table named as "TRANSFORMATION_LOGS" and "STEP_LOGS"

    When I ran my first job, START_DATE is getting write as "1/1/1900 4:30:00 AM"
    other dates are getting write in correct format but not START_DATE.

    Can anybody resolve this?

    One more small doubt I have is, kettle is not properly writing START_DATE and END_DATE at transformation level.

    Please correct me if I am wrong.
    Prashant D Shelke.

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    This is correct behavior. START_DATE describes the start of the date range for CDC purposes, not the start of the transformation as documented in the transformation dialog in 4.x.

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    Thanks for explanation.

    One more thing is giving trouble to me here is,

    I set connection details and LINE_INPUT/LINE_UPDATED information at transformation level.

    But when I tries to execute Job.xml from command promt as below:
    "D:\pentaho data integration-4.0>kitchen.bat /file:"E:\project_temp\project_out\p_tar\KETTLE\mssql_tar_rule\0\0.xml" /level:detailed logging"

    LINE_INPUT/LINE_UPDATED remains 0 instead of actual rows input and updated count.

    If same job file I will open and run in Spoon, those columns shows proper numbers in it in database.
    Prashant D Shelke.

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    Did you specify which steps these metrics should represent.
    In any case, if you want details set up a step logging table.

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    Hi Matt, thanks for reply.

    I could able to fix this issue, as by setting database connection and log table details at job level from code. Then its properly storing read/ write count for underlying transformation/ steps.
    Prashant D Shelke.

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