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Thread: Reading XML data through URL via proxy

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    Default Reading XML data through URL via proxy


    I am looking into 'HTTP Client' and 'Get Data form XML' steps and haven't nailed it yet. Writing to see if anyone has implemented similar to this. Basically, I want to read the xml from this location and store the data in a table and I need help in reading and parsing the data only:

    I tried 'Get Data from XML' and it times out. I am guessing I have to so something with proxy. I used following as Lookup Xpath: gesmes:Envelope/Cube/Cube/Cube
    and currency and rating as attributes.

    I am interested in know which path/approach is more feasible in this case. Any examples/pointers are appreciated.

    Thanks, Charu

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    Hi Charu,

    it seems to me like it's not a proxy issue. The VFS support for the XML step seems to be broken (it works in 3.2.5 for me). Please file a Jira case here:

    I've attached a workaround for you, though


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    Very elegant solution and thanks for helping out. I read you blog as well to get further tips -

    You are a great resource and help to the Pentaho community.

    regards, Charu

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    You're welcome

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    Default Pentaho php ajax jquery

    Quote Originally Posted by slawomir.chodnicki View Post
    You're welcome
    Am trying to call a php script from pentaho using custom jQuery ajax call, and its not working, giving me error of 404. How can i do this
    I am stucked into this please help me.

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