Hi All,
Is it possible today to sequence JOBS across Multiple Carte Servers...
For example:
1> I have Main JOB which has 5 Sub JOBS which I want to run in sequence i.e. JOB1(Carteserver1), JOB2(CarteServer2).......JOB5 (CarteServer5).
2> Can one Carte Server send a Signal to another for startiing the JOB on another server or I would have to use the Master-Slave concept here.
3> The reason I want to do because of in 3.2.4 I have seen some issues when the JOB runs for multiple times then we have seen meomry leaks which evetually gives Memory errors after some runs. So in case if we plan it to run on different servers we will able to run the JOB Multiple times for a grater period.