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Thread: Log all jobs/transformations run within a repository

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    Default Log all jobs/transformations run within a repository

    Hi, I have a number of jobs/transformations that I have recently moved to a repository (PDI 4.1). I'm trying to figure out how to log execution results of all jobs/transformations in the repository to a MySQL database.

    It doesn't seem like there is an option to specify a single logging connection for a repository so I have tried doing it for each job individually. I've defined a log connection for the job and I've used the SQL button to generate the correct schema, however, I am getting an error when I try to save a job with a log connection defined - I think it is the same error as noted here.

    Any advice would be appreciated. I would also love to be able to send an e-mail when a transformation/job encountered an error, or if that's not possible, to just send an e-mail of the execution results of each transformation/job.

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    End your Job with a Mail step.
    You can define it to send mail only on Fail too.
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