I would have filed a JIRA but I can't even describe what is happening, so I just post it on this ML.

We have discovered a very weird behaviour in mondrian when we execute the following MDX statement on foodmart:
NON EMPTY CrossJoin([Education Level].[Education Level].Members, CrossJoin([Product].[Product Family].Members, [Store].[Store State].Members)) ON COLUMNS,
NON EMPTY CrossJoin([Promotions].[Promotion Name].Members, [Marital Status].[Marital Status].Members) ON ROWS
FROM [Warehouse and Sales]

When i execute this i get a result that looks like this: http://i.imgur.com/eK1KH.jpg (this is executed in saiku but i have reproduced the same issue with PDI (using a 3-3-SNAPSHOT and olap4j-0.9.9-SNAPSHOT)
It seems like mondrian is populating the same members on both axes

When I add a Measure to the ROWS axis, it works correctly, however if I add it to COLUMNS it adds the measure to the columns but shows the same faulty resultset as in the first query result

I've never come along a similar error and this is the only combination i found so far that produces this behaviour.

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