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Thread: issue in a cde dashboard that uses cda datasource and a ccc chart

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    Default issue in a cde dashboard that uses cda datasource and a ccc chart

    I am working with pentaho 3.7 and CDE-bundle-1.0-RC3.

    The dashboard has been created by cde and is composed of :
    _ a filter "Select Component" (which datasource is the sql query of the cda)
    _ a "CCC Pie Chart" (which datasource is the mdx query of the cda driven by the select component)
    _ a "table Component" (which datasource is the same mdx query of the cda driven by the select component)

    When I open the dashboard, the pie chart and the table are working well, displaying the data for the default value of the parameter region (APAC).

    When I select a new region in the filter, the table is updated but the chart is not updated and displayed.

    Here are the 3 files files_dashboard.tar.gz (to copy in a solution called test_dashboard) to test it.

    What should I do to make it work correctly?

    Thank you.

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    When I preview I only see an empty dropdown in the dashboard. In the cda file check if the query for the chart works.
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    I am sorry but the steelwheels.cda file sent is incorrect. You have to edit it and replace the line <Catalog>../../../steel-wheels/analysis/steelwheels.mondrian.xml</Catalog> by the line <Catalog>../steel-wheels/analysis/steelwheels.mondrian.xml</Catalog>

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    Well I may not be able to do that now...but I suggest you to check if all the queries populate data in the CDA screen

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    the sample that goes in CDE has a chart and a table - see if you can work from there. And yes, always check if the cda gives results
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    I have open the CDA file and it does work correctly.

    I have looked at the CDE sample but it is different because the chart isn't using a but only the table and both datasources aren't cda datasources.

    In my example, the chart and the table are using the same cda datasource. The chart and the table are displayed correctly when I open the dashboard.
    But when I select a new region in the "Select Component", only the table is updated and the chart isn't displayed.

    That is why I don't think the cda datasource is the issue but something different.

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    It was just an issue due to my browser (old version of firefox).

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