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Thread: String to date convertion

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    Default String to date convertion

    I am trying to convert the string 24/01/00 (format dd/mm/yy) to date, using the format d/M/yy and I am getting a message error (see attachment).

    To me, this date is correct. What should I do?

    Thanks for help

    Osmar Mateus
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    I have attached a sample w/different formats if that works

    regards, Charu
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    Looking at the attached PDF I am noticing that the date it is having a problem with does not have a year at all. It appears as '24/1/'. Is it appearing that way in your data or is the string being truncated somewhere?

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    You are correct, but in the csv input file the date is 24/01/00 (obviously refers to year 2000); in the parsing the year 00 is converted to blanks.


    Osmar Mateus

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    I am using the format that you adopted in the field today4. The problem only hapens when the year, in the input file, is 00 (year 2000).


    Osmar Mateus

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    You are right. I modified transformation and specified the input format both for CSV file and Select values steps.

    That solves the problem. But I agree that is is a defect.

    see attached files:. Please modify the extension to .csv and modify CSV step to point to the file.
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    Thanks for your help!

    Osmar Mateus

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