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Thread: EDI Data Transformation

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    Default EDI Data Transformation

    Hi all,

    I was wondering whether anybody had any experience of using EDI with Kettle?

    My understanding, after reading the limited information there is on the subject, is that Kettle doesn't support EDI directly. Is this true?

    If this is the case are there any plugins, external tools that could be used to convert the EDI data before it is pulled in to kettle?

    Any help on this subject would be greatly appreciated!

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    Do you mean EDI as a file format for interchange?


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    There is some software out there, including open source that will allow you to read EDI files.
    I guess it should even be possible to write them. However, if you are looking for an EDI message broker I think you would probably do best looking elsewhere :-)

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    I've written a proof of concept for X12-style EDI file *parsing*, in such a way as each segment becomes an independent datastream (or whatever the proper term is :-) including in-file hierarchical/relation information so as to support parallel running of different segments at a time, with each segment getting its own 'sub transformation'.

    However, like I mentioned, that was only a proof of concept back on Kettle 2.5 I think, and would only be interesting if you want to parse the file, but not for writing EDI files. The proof of concept had the limitation with composite fields, I just never got that far.

    So, basically, yeah you can write a step in Kettle to parse EDI files.

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