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Thread: Using HTTP client for Lookup with Google geocode

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    Default Using HTTP client for Lookup with Google geocode

    I would like to validate some addresses with Google. The API is pretty simple, here is an example:This is easy to test in any browser.

    It seems like it should be easy to get this to work, but I have a couple of issues that I need to address. I have a job that starts by reading a small text file with a list of addresses.
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    I need to pass in a constant sensor=true, so I included an 'add constants' step which adds a field named 'sensor', of type boolean and value of true.

    Next, I add a Modified Java Script Value stage with a simple formula to build an address field from the input text: Here is my Javascript from the 'Script 1' tab:
    String.prototype.trim = function() {
    return this.replace(/^\s+|\s+$/g,"");

    address = StreetAddress.trim() + ", " + City.trim() + ", " +State + " " + PostalCode;
    An example of a generated address is
    (I replaced XX and Y by hand)
    So this generates a string that I can pass to HTTP client. Is it safe to assume that the HTTP client will automatically URI encode strings or do I need to explicitly call encodeURIComponent? That is my first question.

    Next, I call HTTP client with:
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    There are two fields:
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    When I run this, I am getting these results for each row:
    ""status"": ""REQUEST_DENIED"",
    ""results"": [ ]
    But I'm stuck here. I dumped the text from this stage into a text file. It looks like sensor=Y. But I need sensor=true to make Google happy. Is there an easy way to see the http request so I can verify that 1) the address is properly encoded and that the sensor value is set as I expect?

    As a side issue, it is possible to load javascript libraries in the Modified Java Script component? After seeing commonjs libraries, I am spoiled and want to be able to load 3rd party libraries so I'm not having to write something like a trim() function in javascript.

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    What happens if you use a string of "true" rather than Boolean True?

    (Short in the dark...)

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    That was all it took. Gutlez, you are a great shot, even in the dark. Thanks

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    I'd be curios to see your JSON path coming out once you have it working (I could really use GeoCoding Lat/Long -> Address)

    Glad I could be of help.

    PS. According to Google, if you are not using a GPS device to obtain the location, you should be sending "false" rather than "true"

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