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Thread: Data loss at Table Input step with MySQL?

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    Question Data loss at Table Input step with MySQL?


    I have to Unload a MySQL (5.1) database, and load it into an Oracle (10gR2) with PDI (4.0.1 - Win XP). The job runs fine, but I have some data loss because of number rounding.

    A use Table Input step to load the data from the MySQL table. (The SQL code is simple: SELECT * FROM..). When I hit the preview, the first some rows looks like this:
    sum euro kg
    4,9 3,7 1,1
    1,5 1,1 4,1
    16,1 12,4 17,5

    But if I execute the same SQL code from a MySQL Workbench, the result looks like this:
    sum euro kg
    4.872 3.737 1.133
    1.472 1.129 4.08
    16.148 12.386 17.453

    How can I get the full number format? What and why rounds? Where and how to set to not to do this?
    The connection is Native JDBC.

    Thanks in advance!
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    That's just Java displaying the double precision numbers differently in String format.
    It only matters if you want to write the data to text format (CSV, XML and all).

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    I use Oracle Bulk Loader to load the data, so I have to write the data to CSV.
    Is there any workaround to handle this problem?

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    Just set a format mask in a "Select Values" step.

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    Thanks Matt! It worked.
    Now I feel myself a bit dumm. I tried to operate with precision, but hasn't helped.

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    Antoher question: at Select Values the Decimal column means what is the decimal separator? Am I right? Because I set comma (,) and don't want to work, still uses a dot(.).

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