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Thread: Excel input step not reading the 'xlsx' format

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    Default Excel input step not reading the 'xlsx' format

    Hi all,

    I am using PDI-4.1 CE. I am struck with the problem that the excel input step is not reading
    xlsx format.

    I tried some steps,

    1. replaced POI jar file with latest one in libext folder .Version :3.7 & 3.8 beta version.

    2.Then I converted my excel to ODS format and in excel input step ,"spread sheet type(engine)" tab i changed to "open office ODS"

    3. changed the "spread sheet type(engine)" tab to Excel 2007 XLSX (Apache POI) for xlsx file.

    All these above dint help me,and I am getting error as follows,

    " Unable to recognize OLE stream
    Unable to recognize OLE stream"

    Finally i converted the file to csv format. But some of my fields are datetime, When converted to csv i can get only date. So i cant go ahead with this as time with date is very important for me.

    So can anyone suggest me how I can go ahead, when i convert my xlsx fileto lower formats my record counts is getting reduced drastically as lower version can't have more than 60k records.

    Hoping for a positive reply,

    Thanks & regards,


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    Quote Originally Posted by dhaneshmkumar View Post
    2.Then I converted my excel to ODS format
    Leave it as XLSX... Don't change the file to ODS.
    If you change the file to ODS, you have to tell the Excel Input that the file is ODS
    I'm no expert.
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    So some please suggest me how can I proceed using xlsx file. replacing poi jar files in libext folder dint help.


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    I am having the same problem reading an Excel file. I am getting the message " Unable to recognize OLE stream". I am using Kettle-4.2.0-RC1. Strangely enough my transformation works in Windows but gives this error message in RedHat Linux. Using the same xlsx file and same transformation. BTW bought your book and it has helped me alot.

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