Hello everyone

I have to read a table and send the data to a add sequence step. This sequence copies the data add to several other steps. I am having two problems:

1. The step that will read lock on a certain number of records. The number of records depends on the machine where the transformation road: on some machines stop at one hundred fifty-two registers and other machines in thirty thousand records. I left more than twelve hours running the step that reads the data and it it stays locked. I drove it right into the client's SQL database and it returned the four hundred and fifty thousand records that have to come back in 15 minutes. I've cleaned the cache, deleted the file db.cache, redid the connection to the database, different steps used to fetch the data and solved nothing. Any other ideas?

2. Even reading thirty thousand records using the table input step or another step input step, to reach the step sequence add it only generates twenty thousand sequences. If you read only fifty-five and two records, the step add sequence generates only one hundred and two sequences. The remainder of the input fields simply disappear, like they never existed. Already off and redid the sequence, increased the maximum value of the sequence and no good. Reach 30 000 in the add sequence, but leaving only 20 000. The sequence is generated by Kettle, using a counter to generate the sequence. Any idea what might be happening?