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Thread: How can I change user password directly by SQL

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    Default How can I change user password directly by SQL

    I would like to provide my users with an way by which they can change
    their password themselves.

    To do it , I'm going to write some codes to update ,by SQL, the PASSWORD column of
    USERS table in HIBERNATE system database, but
    the value of the PASSWORD column should be encrypted by the method that pentaho uses.

    Is there anybody who knows How can I encrypt password value ?
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    I have found the solution myself.

    The password encoding method can be changed by editing pentaho-solutions/system/applicationContext-spring-security-hibernate.xml.

    Default setting is :
    <bean id="passwordEncoder" class="passwordEncoder" class="" />

    To change it to MD5 which is supported by every languages :
    <bean id="passwordEncoder" class="" />

    For example , doing like following in Perl get same result .

    use Digest::MD5 qw(md5_hex);
    print md5_hex("passwd");

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