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Thread: How to execute a transformation for each row of a table?

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    Default How to execute a transformation for each row of a table?

    I have a transformation with 4 parameters: the host of a data base connection, the name of a data base, the user name and the password. These data are within a table in other data base. For example:

    ip_server db_name user password suc_west system system suc_east system system

    localhost example postgres postgres

    I need to execute this transformation for each row of this table, i. e., execute the transformation where the host is, the data base is suc_west, user ad pasword are system. Later execute the same transformation with the second row and the third row.

    Important, the number of rows is variable. I don't know this value.

    My question is: how can i do this?

    All the best,


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    Create a job.
    In one transformation in the job, pass these "loop" rows to a step called "Copy rows to result". These rows will become part of the result of the transformation in the job.
    Next in the job, check the "loop over result rows" option in a Job or Transformation job entry. Use a "Get rows from result" step to get the rows back one at a time.

    That's it.

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    Hi Matt,
    I use the rows to create a data source connection, then the away a found to do this is using parameters in the transformation. How can i use the "Get rows from result" step to create a data source?
    I need to execute other two transformations with these data. How can i do this?
    Thank you very much.


    PD: I attached the transformations and job.
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    Make the second transformation another job.
    In the first transformation of that job, set a bunch of ${VARIABLES}
    You can then re-use these variables in database connections, transformations, sub-jobs and so on.


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    Thank you Matt for your help, but i don't understand you. In my first job, I have a transformation and a second job. In the transformation, I read the rows from the table where I have the information of the database connections and copy this one to a set of variables. The "Set values to variables" step not allow more of one rows of input. Then, how can I do this?


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