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Thread: Reding a text file line by line

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    Default Reding a text file line by line

    I would like to read a CSV file line by line and store the content in the table defined below. The line should not be splitted into its fields.
    (Intention: I want the original line unchanged due to data lineage and data quality)

    The target table is quite simple

    CREATE csv_file
    ( int line_no,
    content text

    Using the "CSV Input" step I have to provide a delimiter (otherwise I get a NullPointer Exception). The same problem with the "Text File Input" step.

    Any suggestions how I could do this?

    kind regards

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    Hi Max.
    I did it once and tricked PDI using a false delimiter.
    Example, if you have a comma delimiter, use TAB.
    PDI should read the file as one unique string field.


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    That's the approach I currently use.

    I was just curious if there is another way.

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