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Thread: Home vs. Navigate

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    Default Home vs. Navigate

    I've installed Pentaho BI Server 3.8.

    When logging in, I'm redirected to http://localhost:8080/pentaho/Home. So far so good.

    After googling for some documentation etc, I suddently stumbled upon the following url:


    and a whole new world opened up!

    My question is: What's the purpose of the two different ways of browsing/editing the solutions? Is it like an old and new version or what?

    Grepping for "url-patterns" in the pentaho web.xml file, gives me s.h.i.t.load of url's. How can I find out what the different urls are and what they do. And not least: Secure them?



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    Navigate was used to demonstrate how to use the pentaho api to display the repository and request reports, among other things. Yes, this was 1.x way of doing things before Manrtlle (Use Console).

    To secure the webapp urls, check out this page:

    Good Luck,

    Brian Hagan

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