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Thread: Out Of Memory Error

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    Default Out Of Memory Error

    Hi ,

    With the following MDX query in the reports, an Out Of Memory error is thrown.

    select Crossjoin({[Performance Review End Date].[All Review End Dates]}, {[Measures].[Users with a Performance Review], [Measures].[Number of Performance Reviews], [Measures].[Days to Submission], [Measures].[Days to Approval], [Measures].[Days to Complete: Actual], [Measures].[Days to Complete: Calculated], [Measures].[Number of Reviews Completed Beyond Calculated Deadline], [Measures].[Details]}) ON COLUMNS,

    NON EMPTY Hierarchize(Crossjoin(Union({[Domain].[All Domains]}, [Domain].[All Domains].Children), Crossjoin({[Organization].[All Organizations].[O1]}, Crossjoin(Union({[Review Template].[All Review Templates]}, [Review Template].[All Review Templates].Children), Crossjoin(Union({[Review Process].[All Review Processes]}, [Review Process].[All Review Processes].Children), Union({[Review Period].[All Review Periods]}, [Review Period].[All Review Periods].Children)))))) ON ROWS

    from [Cube_Name]

    Mondrian web is running on Tomcat and Java_opts is set to -Xms1024m -Xmx1024m -XX:MaxPermSize=384m. And, the query is generated by mondrian when the dimension is filtered.

    Is there a way to handle the multiple crossjoins ? How to solve the out of memory error?

    Any help is appreciated.

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    I have the same problem, did you find a solution?

    The MDX have 22154 crossJoin and generated an error !


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    I'm not sure what your current memory settings are, but it's worth considering bumping heap.

    If you're seeing out of memory even when Mondrian is evaluating relatively small tuple lists (sounds like around 22K), then it could be worth digging around some to understand why it uses so much memory. Turning on DEBUG logging could be useful. Also, one feature that's intended to reduce memory demands for crossjoins is the native.crossjoin property. I'd want to make sure that's enabled.

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