Dear Kettle devs,

As we can't be caught slacking all the time we need to get started on the
release schedule of 4.2.0-stable.
In the course of the next couple of days we'll be dropping a 4.2.0-M1
release on Sourceforge somewhere.
Once that is done we'll change the version in trunk to 4.2.0-M2. It's
something that's long overdue but new bug fixes and features simply kept
poring in.

The good news is that we took on hundreds of JIRA cases. A few new big
features we can highlight:
- The new Excel Writer plugin (Slawo)
- Graphical performance and progress feedback for transformations (Slawo)
- The Google Analytics Step (Slawo)
- Pentaho Reporting Output step
- Automatic Documentation Step
- LDAP Writer step
- Ingres VectorWise (streaming) bulk loader
- Greenplumb (streaming) bulk loader (for gpload)
- Talend Job Execution job entry
- Healthcare Level 7 : HL7 Input step, HL7 MLLP Input and HL7 MLLP
Acknowledge job entries

Please let me know if I missed new job entries, steps, whatever... there's a
lot going on!

A lot of progress is made on the bug hunting front with many memory
management, clustering, partitioning and usability improvements.
The bad news is that the list of open bugs and feature requests never seems
to go down and that still a lot of work lies ahead.

Here are a few things I wanted to put on the list for 4.2.0-M2:
- Create a command line tool + framework for automated import into
repositories (including checks, options and the work)
- Finish the "restart job from failing job-entry" work I've been doing
- Improve the plumbing inside the Mapping step to allow a single threaded
sub-transformation to be attached and executed in N copies. (first public
appearance of the single threaded transformation execution engine)
- Now that we have Pentaho reporting on board, shipping with a few basic
reports on top of the logging tables seems the logical next step
- Finish the MongoDB reader step I prototyped on my blog.
- Consider supporting a time-out on job entries (in case a transformation or
job is stuck for some reason)
- Investigate time into advancing the state of data profiling by un-earthing
more closed source code from the past. (data profiling step)

Beyond that I also want to spend some more time on improving the slowly
advancing PDI SDK wiki pages.

If there are other major things you guys were looking at, let us know.

These were kinda in order of importance to me. We'll probably have to cap
it off at the first 2 or 3 items before we release M2 in a 4-5 weeks or so.

We're aiming to deliver a release candidate of 4.2.0 around the end of May,
somewhat in sync with the RC of BI Server 4.0.
If all goes well (and 4.2.0 feels really stable for a M1 right now) we
should be able to release 4.2.0 stable mid-to-end of June.

Take care,

Matt Casters <mcasters (AT) pentaho (DOT) org>
Chief Data Integration, Kettle founder, Author of Pentaho Kettle
(Wiley <>)
Pentaho : The Commercial Open Source Alternative for Business Intelligence

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