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Thread: Build an ETL Solution and Integrate it in an application

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    Question Build an ETL Solution and Integrate it in an application

    Hi everybody,
    l am a new user of Kettle and l have many questions on hiw l can build an ETL solution and integrate it in an application.
    For the installation process, what should l exactely do ? Do l need to run Pentaho Server, Pentaho Design Studio and also, Kettle ? And for Kettle ? do l need to run spoon.bat kitchen.bat and pan.bat at the same time? Is my work permanent only when l run these .bat files? Do l need to reinstall them (with all the .bat files) each time l turn on my computer ?
    To integrate the solution l want to build, what do l need ? how can l create a link with the solution? What programming langage is the most suitable to develop all my application that will use the ETL solution l want to produce with Kettle ?

    Thank you to answer me.

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    if you want to perform ETL-Tasks, Kettle is all you need, basically.
    Kettle ships with:
    spoon.[bat/sh] which is the graphical tool to design your ETL-Processes
    pan/kitchen.[bat/sh] which are the command-line interfaces to start your ETL-Processes (pan is used for transformations, kitchen is used for jobs)

    Regarding installation: Unzip the kettle-distribution ZIP-file (to be found here: ) and you're done. Perhaps you need to set JAVA_HOME correctly, but this should be all.
    Next you will have to decide, wether to use a repository-based approach or a file-based (i.e.: your ETL-processes may be stored in a database or as XML-files in the file-system)

    Regarding the language to use: As Kettle (and all other Pentaho-software) is Java, your might get best results when sticking to Java.
    If you want to integrate Kettle into own application, the Kettle-SDK might be a good starting point:


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