We are using a xaction file to create a session key that will be used by a Report Designer file. This by itself works great, but that key needs to be create at each login (it's for a locale that the user can change before logging).

We are using the function Packages.org.pentaho.platform.util.messages.LocaleHelper.getLocale(); to get the locale Pentaho has stored (sent in the URL), but if we run automatically the xaction on the session startup, the locale is not yet stored and the key will take for value the last locale it had !

We have to manually run the xaction to set the locale to the key. Is there a way to run a xaction file automatically after the logging is done ? Or to run it automatically before we run a report ?

Another way would be to have a xaction file that runs the report (and set the key at the same time), but I can't seem to find a way to do so.

Thank you in advance.