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Thread: Dynamic role for Mondrian connection

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    Default Dynamic role for Mondrian connection

    i'm tying to implement dynamic role rof mondrian, extending DelegatingRole and setting correponding instance to connection. My code is as follows:
    package mondrian.olap;
    import java.util.Arrays;
    import mondrian.olap.RoleImpl.DelegatingHierarchyAccess;
    import org.pentaho.platform.engine.core.system.PentahoSessionHolder;
    import org.pentaho.platform.engine.core.system.PentahoSystem;
    import org.pentaho.platform.util.logging.Logger;
    public class ConnectionRole extends DelegatingRole {
    	  public ConnectionRole(Role role) {
              Logger.error(PentahoSystem.class, "Created Dynamic Mondrian Role : "+Arrays.toString(getPlatformRolesFromSession()));
      public static class HierarchyAccessExample extends DelegatingHierarchyAccess{
            public HierarchyAccessExample(HierarchyAccess hierarchyAccess) {
                      Logger.error(PentahoSystem.class, "HierarchyAccessExample constructor");
      public Access getAccess(Schema schema) {
              Logger.error(PentahoSystem.class, "schemas override");
              return role.getAccess(schema);
      public Access getAccess(Cube cube) {
              Logger.error(PentahoSystem.class, "cubes override");
              return role.getAccess(cube);
      public Access getAccess(Dimension dimension) {
              Logger.error(PentahoSystem.class, "dimensions override");
              return role.getAccess(dimension);
      public Access getAccess(Hierarchy hierarchy) {
              Logger.error(PentahoSystem.class, "hierarchies override");
              return role.getAccess(hierarchy);
      public HierarchyAccess getAccessDetails(Hierarchy hierarchy) {
              Logger.error(PentahoSystem.class, "hierarchy access override");
              return new HierarchyAccessExample(role.getAccessDetails(hierarchy));
      public Access getAccess(Member member) {
              Logger.error(PentahoSystem.class, "members override: "+member.getLevel().getUniqueName());
              Access access = role.getAccess(member);
              return getAccess(member, access);
      // no one see's information that is in a department they do not have access too
      protected Access getAccess(Member member, Access access) {
        //final String storeNamelevel = "[Store].[Store Country].[Store State].[Store City].[Store Name]";
            final String departmentLevel = "[Department]";
            Logger.error(PentahoSystem.class, "members override: "+member.getLevel().getUniqueName());
        if (member.getLevel().getUniqueName().equals(departmentLevel)) {
          Object o = member.getPropertyValue("ldap_role");
          Boolean isAdmin = Arrays.binarySearch(getPlatformRolesFromSession(), "Admin") > 0 ? true : false;
          Boolean hasRole = Arrays.binarySearch(getPlatformRolesFromSession(), o) > 0;
          return (o != null && (hasRole || isAdmin)) ? access : Access.NONE;
        } else {
          return access;
      protected String[] getPlatformRolesFromSession() {
                // Get the Spring Security authentication object
                Authentication auth = SecurityHelper.getAuthentication(PentahoSessionHolder.getSession(), false);
                String[] rtn = null;
                // Get the authorities
                GrantedAuthority[] gAuths = auth.getAuthorities();
                if ((gAuths != null) && (gAuths.length > 0) ) {
                  // Copy role names out of the Authentication
                  rtn = new String[gAuths.length];
                  for (int i=0; i<gAuths.length; i++) {
                    rtn[i] = gAuths[i].getAuthority();
                  // Sort the returned list of roles
                return rtn;
    and in MDXConnection i have
         if (nativeConnection == null) {
                "MDXConnection.ERROR_0002_INVALID_CONNECTION", properties != null ? properties.toString() : "null")); //$NON-NLS-1$ //$NON-NLS-2$
        } catch (Throwable t) {
          if (logger != null) {
                "MDXConnection.ERROR_0002_INVALID_CONNECTION", properties != null ? properties.toString() : "null"), t); //$NON-NLS-1$ //$NON-NLS-2$
          } else {
            Logger.error(this.getClass().getName(), Messages.getErrorString(
                "MDXConnection.ERROR_0002_INVALID_CONNECTION", properties != null ? properties.toString() : "null"), t); //$NON-NLS-1$ //$NON-NLS-2$
        ConnectionRole crxRole = new ConnectionRole(nativeConnection.getRole());
    I tried to create new Analysis View and in debugger i found, that role method, controlling member access (getAccess(Member member, Access access)), is never called (but method controlling hierarchy access was called, so, role was set correctly).
    Why does this happen? As i understood, in such case member access controller has to be called for every member, in other case such construction is useless... could anybody please advice? I use 3.6.0 pentaho and 3.2.0 mondrian.

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    can i get a sample implementation ?
    Atul Darne.

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    For my case the problem was the initial role without any MemberGrant configuration.
    From Pentaho documentation:

    There are a couple of important considerations.

    • A member grant must exist. If there is no member grant on a hierarchy, Mondrian will not check to see if the user has access.
    • The member has to exist in the data. For example, the member could not be [Location].[State].[NoWhere] unless 'NoWhere' is a legitimate member. It is an option to have fake members in the dimension table with no facts and use that as the default.
    • If a dimension needs to be restricted, you must restrict it separately. Restricting a hierarchy does not restrict other hierarchies, so if there is not a measure or restricted member, Analyzer will show you all members of the dimension.

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