I have got two environments.

Environment 1: Pentaho 3.7. Database PostgreSQL. operating System Windows
Environment 2: Pentaho 3.7. Database PostgreSQL. operating System Linux

I have created a metadata with MetadataEditor on database using JNDI.

On environment 1 WAQR works correctly, but on environment 2 doesn't work.

The message error in pentaho.log is:

Object with name "metadataqueryexec-SQL" has not been configured in the Pentaho object factory.
2011-04-28 10:37:24,547 ERROR [org.pentaho.platform.plugin.action.pentahometadata.MetadataQueryComponent] error
java.lang.RuntimeException: Database type not found!

Caused by: org.pentaho.di.core.exception.KettleDatabaseException:
database type with plugin id [Oracle] couldn't be found!

If I'm using Postgresql, why reference to Oracle?

I have got some reports created with Pentaho Reporting and I use JNDI without problems.

Can you help me, please?

Thank you,