Mondrian OLAP server doesn't return the correct number of records

Hello everybody, I'm using the JNDI SampleData of pentaho, because I found one problem with the OLAP navigator, when I'm defining the following report - Customers VS Time (Schema: SteelWheels, Cube: SteelWheelsSales), for year 2005. The report returns 98 rows.

Now, I save the report, then I open the report and returns 95 rows.


Finally, I see in the editor MDX, that the MDX query has been amended since originally the sentences was "[Customers].[Anton Designs, Ltd.], [Customers].[Asian Shopping Network, Co]..." and now include some sentences #null "[Customers].[#null], [Customers].[Cruz & Sons Co.]...".

Please help, I have not found the error, I tried to modify the I use the comunity biserver 3.8. In the comunity biserver 2.x. I don't have that error. Thanks.

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