Hello everyone

I'm currently developing a custom transformation plugin. This code
uses Apache CXF to do some webservice calls. The code works if I
execute it outside of Kettle but dies with a NullPointerException as a
plugin. I have debugged the CXF code that gets executed and to me it
looks like it loads "some" classes from "somewhere" "somehow".
I have no detailed information as the code in question isn't
documented. I have already asked at the CXF mailinglist if a custom
classloader could somehow break the CXF code but haven't got a answer
some far.

To my understanding a Kettle plugin is executed with a custom
classloader in it's context, so I suspect, that this may the root
cause of the problem. So my question is: does the custom classloader
of Kettle does something different from the standard java classloader?
Does it have some restrictions to be aware of?

I understand that this is a very unspecific question but I think if I
could provide the CXF developers with some more informations what the
context of the bug (and to me, this is a bug, as code shouldn't
simeply die with a NullPointerExecption) I can somehow solve my
problem. So any assumption, no matter how vague, would help.

Martin Thurau

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