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Thread: Undocumented Problem publishing metadata layer to bi server

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    Default Undocumented Problem publishing metadata layer to bi server

    When trying to publish a new model we get the "Unable to save file (metadata.xmi) to server. Correct any server, id, or password errors and try again."
    We are sure that our passwords and username are correct (we already have published the sample project Steel-Wheels succesfully).

    The steps we have already taken:

    Creation of new folder in the "pentaho Solution" directory.
    Create a new project in the metadata editor whit the same name as the folder. (same domain).
    Tested connection to the database in the model (succesfully).

    Publishing the model returned the error mentioned above.

    Extra information.
    Operation system: MAC OSX 64 bit
    Database: MYSQL

    Does anyone have a clue?


    Frederik & Steven

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    The case is resolved. We did a full re-install an configuration of the installation on OSX. Made sure that the connection pool JAR's were installed and then it worked. Unfortunately, the publish report option does no longer work, but placing the file in the solution directory works and the report runs just fine.

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    Default Check log

    I had this problem before , check the following
    1)set the publish password in pentaho.xml and that you are using the same string while publishing
    2) Check your tomcat log to see if there are any errors, usually it could be because of authentication failure,permissions or something to do with your data source configuration

    Mine turned out to be authentication. I can publish now from the editor.

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