i am absolutely new to java plugin development for kettle. I have to
develop a plugin which transform names into phonetic codes. Within the
plugin you can choose between three algorithm. Therefore I will get
the row values (name strings) transform them and create for every
algorithm an new column. Now come my quite basic questions:
1. How can I get the values out of the row? I found an example here
defined-java-class-step/) under Simple Transformation step, but they
use a data.get() - method (in main Step class) but I can find/use such
a method in my class. This is the code snipet I probably should use:
// Get the value from an input field
String test_value = get(Fields.In, "testfield").getString(r);

2. How can I create a new Column with my transformed phonetic codes to
the output field.

I am aware that these are really basic questions, but as I mentioned
its my first contact with Pentaho Data Integration aka Kettle - Plugin

Kind regards


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