Hi everyone,

I wanted to let you know that I've introduced a new build capability
in Kettle. We now have a folder in Kettle called "src-plugins" that
allow you to check-in plugin source into Kettle. We had a few reasons
for doing this:

- we wanted to make the new gpload step available as a plugin in 4.1.x
- we wanted to include the palo plugin source back into the core, so
more folks can easily translate and contribute to it
- we want to eventually move the new reporting step into a plugin, so
we don't have a circular distribution dependency between kettle and
reporting's kettle datasource
- we can now consider removing the committed plugin binaries under
the plugins folder and instead have their source code within the new
src-plugins folder structure
- kettle's main project now comes with real world example plugins
that people can easily work from to build their own if they'd like

If you are writing a new step or job entry, and think it makes sense
to be a core plugin, that is now possible within kettle. Here are
some reasons that you might choose to put these in a plugin vs. kettle
main source:

- there may be a GPL or other type of license restriction that you
don't want to infect Kettle core with
- your step or job entry has a dependency on a jar that is dependent on kettle
- your step or job entry has dependencies that conflict with the main
kettle classloader

Below is the initial readme I checked in, if you have any
recommendations or feedback, please let me know!



Core Kettle Plugin Documentation

the following folders are considered core kettle plugins, plugins that are
distributed with kettle's core distribution but are useful to have as
plugins for architectural and
dependency reasons.

to add a core plugin:
- create a folder under src-plugins with the name of the plugin
- create src, test, lib, and res subfolders for the various files
that will be included in your plugin
- add your plugin folder name to the plugins property in build.properties
- if you would like your plugin's jar and zip to get published to
artifactory, update the
build-res/publish.properties with your plugin folder

all core plugins get built as part of the core dist, also you can
build the plugins standalone by using
the "-standalone" ant targets related to the plugins. If you'd like
to just build a single plugin,
you can do that by overriding the plugins property to just reference
your plugin.

To have core plugins function in eclipse, you'll need to add the
plugin's dependencies to your
.classpath file and set the property -DKETTLE_PLUGIN_CLASSES to the
full name of your plugin class names.

Here is the current core kettle plugins eclipse flag:


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