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Thread: why the suite need multiple configuration of the same datasource?

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    Question why the suite need multiple configuration of the same datasource?

    Hello everyone!

    I am a beginner and I have a question about the usability of Pentaho in the design of analytical documents.

    I realized that if I want to use a data source, I have to configure the connection in the following applications:
    - PAC (Pentaho Administration Console)
    - Pentaho Report Designer
    - Schema Workchbench
    - Kettle

    There are probably other tools that require this configuration and I have not used yet.
    My question is:
    there is a way to configure my data source only once and used by the entire Pentaho suite? Maybe I missed some step?

    I ask this because my datasources are very changable in my development ambient.

    Sorry for my English, Regards

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    The answer is no.
    I'ts suppose you have one server (The BI Server) and several client tools they can be in several different computers.

    If you are trying Pentaho, BIServer and all the different tools in the same computer it make feel you a bit stupid having to configure all them with the same datasources. But i'ts because you are configuring differents tools.

    Something you can do, if you are tired about that (also you must think you need to configure the datasource only once by tool you will use) and you are using windows is to define the ODBC datasource and invoke always the ODBC. I'ts not a good idea but is the nearest answer to your question i can do.

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