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Thread: How to use the content of a .tar.gz file in Kettle ?

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    Default How to use the content of a .tar.gz file in Kettle ?

    Hello all,

    I have a sql file that is tared and zipped. So I have a bk.sql.tar.gz.

    I would like, through Kettle, to execute what's inside the bk.sql script.

    In order to "gunzip" the file I used the file text input step and set the Compression attribute to GZip, then I created a second file text input step trying to untar the file, but no success.

    Does someone see how can I achieve that flow ?


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    Untar and unzip with a "text file input" step? That's a bit weird don't you think?

    Surely the SQL isn't a structured text file.
    What do you want to do with the SQL file?
    Try loading the content into a field:


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