Hi All,

I am using BI Server 3.7 and PRD 3.8.0 (both community editions) and I have an xaction file for emailing a .prpt output as html and / or pdf attachment. The inline html formatting works fine, as does the pdf attachment. The only problem I have is that the images in the body are just blank frames - the images are sent as attachments instead of inline images.

I wasn't sure if this was technically a question for this forum or the PRD forum (possibly something in the configuration menu in PRD?) Also, sorry if this is too general of a question or if I didn't give enough information to troubleshoot my problem.

Attached is the xaction file - mostly based on Pedro Alves blog post http://pedroalves-bi.blogspot.com/20...-steroids.html . It doesn't embed the images inline (except in the attached pdf) with any report that has images, charts, etc. so I think the .prpt is arbitrary?

Please let me know if theres any additional information that would be useful.

Thanks so much!