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Thread: Datatable Editor in CDE-CDF ?

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    Default Datatable Editor in CDE-CDF ?

    Hi guys,
    i'm newbie here so be gentle

    I use CDE Dashboard for analysis, very great job, thanks to all developpers !!

    My problem now is to offer possibility to enter some data in Dashboard tables

    I think that Table Component use DataTables module. So is it possible to extend this to use Editor for DataTables
    from the same developpers ?

    Where could i find detailed information on files structure to see what template file should i modify ?

    Could someone help me to find the right way ?

    Thanks to all


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    SQL datasources in CDA are not well suited for updating a database ; you will have to use Pentaho Data Integration (aka Kettle) : see BissolTableEditor in marketplace which could be what you're looking for.


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    Oct 2015


    Thanks for replying,

    investigating in DataTable Editor, i think i could be a great deal to do it work in CDE ....

    i imagine :

    - integrate Editor needed scripts + css ( but where place these files on CDF file structure ??)
    - make an Apache web server operate on same server as tomcat
    - make some server-side PHP scripts for database updating, called by Editor script and mapped on my postgresql base

    Is it a total fancy of the mind or ..... ??


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    You could have a look at

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    Thanks bhricher, it could suit but my question is now, how to integrate
    such component in Ctools environment ?

    i'm a newbie and don't know where place the jtable's files in pentaho-solution ........?

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