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Thread: CDE tutorial available

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    amdc Guest


    Hi all,

    I'm really not that techie and i hope you can assist me with this little problem of mine,. i do hope i posted in the right section

    I'm wondering what went wrong with my pentaho and CDE installation since my CDE is missing some of the interface when being compared to the CDE shown in the youtube tutorial posted in Slawomir.chodnicki CDE tutorial blog (it seems like my CDE is not updated or i am not in the correct version of pentaho biserver ce, dont know else what to think)

    I am currently using Biserver-CE 3.8.0 stable and CDE-bundle-1.0-RC3, with browser Mozilla Firefox 5.0.1, i did as instructed on install.txt i just pasted all the files on pentaho-solutions/ and overwrite to all same files and folders on that directory, I was able to view the CDE plugin on starting pentaho and i just noticed somethings different when i was viewing the youtube tutorial on Slawomir.chodnicki CDE tutorial blog

    here's what my CDE looks like when editing codes
    and it looks like this when adding resource

    any ideas?

    Thanks a lot,

    - was already answered on another thread i made. Thanks
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    In Linux shouldn't be any issues to use CTOOLS installer if you are using windows you have to install additional packages.Please review my article I have prepared to document it.

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    I created a simplest dashboard using multi select & CCC bar chart as selector and table component as listener and passing parameter dynamically.Just wanted to share with community.

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    Unhappy CDE Problem

    Hi Guys,

    I'm new in the Pentaho platforme and the CDE too.

    I realy need your help, I've followed the tutorial here and it's seems that is perfect, but when I arrived to the step of getting data from the SampleData Data base, it's just didn't display anything and I get the message " Please select a Data Access ID" in the CDA page, and no data is displayed.

    the same issues has happened when I tryed the copy the CDE Samples.
    I'm working whith the following configuration :
    • CDE-bundle-1.0-RC3
    • Pentaho BI Server Release : 4.0.0 GA

    thanks for you advice.

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    Pedro Alves
    Meet us on ##pentaho, a FreeNode irc channel

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    Did anyone tries to use Xfusion plugin to create charts by using CDE?
    Unfortunately Dashboard Designer is present only in Enterprise Edition and it isn't in community edition!

    Thanks in advance for yours replies
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    slawomir.chodnicki - I wanted to chime in and tell you how helpful your tutorial was to me. The video and text gave me just the kick-start I needed.

    - Russell

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    I am facing the same issue.Can any one advice how it can be resolved?

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    I am hoping you can help me. Very new to CDE and CDA.

    I have a SQL database and I am trying to use CDE to analysis the data. The data are all financial transaction with date at which each transaction was posted. But when I building the dashboard and specify in my CDA query that the "Posting_date" field is a "date" it doesn't work. When I pick a date, it returns zero items. But when I set the parameter as a "string" I am able to pick a date on my dashboard and it gives me all transaction that matches that string.

    What I need is be able to get CDA to understand that it a date, and therefore when I specify a date range, it should give all data that falls in that date range.

    I've been up all night trying to get it to work and hope you can't help

    below are my queries:

    I want to use the first query as my date or year picker, and the second query should display the data that falls within the selected date range on the dashboard. how do i go about it?

    SELECT DISTINCT posted_date AS Year
    FROM financial_trxn
    ORDER BY posted_date

    SELECT g.glcode_value AS "Account", c.coa_name AS "Name",
    SUM(case when f.debit_credit_flag = 0
    then f.posted_amount * 1 else f.posted_amount * 0 end) Debit,
    SUM(case when f.debit_credit_flag = 1 then f.posted_amount * 1
    else f.posted_amount * 0 end) Credit,
    (SUM(case when f.debit_credit_flag = 0
    then f.posted_amount * 1 else f.posted_amount * 0 end) -
    SUM(case when f.debit_credit_flag = 1 then f.posted_amount * 1
    else f.posted_amount * 0 end)) "Closing Balance"
    FROM financial_trxn f, gl_code g, coa c
    WHERE f.glcode_id = g.glcode_id
    AND g.glcode_id = c.glcode_id
    AND f.posted_date = ${year}
    GROUP BY g.glcode_value
    ORDER BY g.glcode_value

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    OK! i got it then this way it's going to happen .. however thanks for you advise as i was juggling with the same very much .. now sensed a clue about how to start with it right..

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