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Thread: Execute SQL Script step

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    Default Execute SQL Script step


    I am running a SQL script using the execute sql script step.

    I am declaring and assigning a variable @X in the script based on an if condition. When my script runs for the second row, @X is null since the if condition is not supposed to succeed for the second time. But I need the value of variable created during the first row to be inserted into a table for all the remaining rows as well. Could anyone please suggest as to how the value of @X that had been assigned in the first row be used for the subsequent rows as well.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Try adding a "modified javascript value" after your table input, just add the conditional code to set a new field, then select it in the "Fields" table. eg.
    if (somefield=="somevalue")
      var X = "anothervalue";
    and enter (Fieldname:X, Type:String) in the fields table. I think that'll do what you're after

    Mark, Cloud2Land

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