Hi to all,

We have been testing pentaho for a year and we have found something:

First of all, you have a cube made with schema workbench, and then published, when you perform an analysis view and then save it all this performs correctly.

After a while you notice that you want to add a checklist to the hash all property of a hierarchy, you then publish your cube and then go to see the effects all this is done successfully.

But when you open a saved analysis view, it loads with the data of the old cube. practically I have to create the analysis view all over again and save it in order to see the changes.

What I did to see the problem was:

I Opened a saved analysis view called, "joe", this one had the hash all member unchecked, and the result of the sum function of a measure member was 5.

After I noticed this, I proceed to change the cube in the schema workbench and publish it again, with the only difference being the hash all member checked.

After publishing the cube, I opened "joe" and the same result appear, 5, then I open the MDX query of pentaho, and copy the sentence to a new analysis view and after executing it it gave me the correct sum of 8.

Now, how do I update all the saved analysis views?

Do I have to open every single saved analysis view copy the query delete the saved analysis view and make a new one to saved it again and give them permissions to all the users again?

I hope O have been clear and somebody can help us with this problem.


Best regards,