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Thread: BI Suite 4.0 Release Candidate posted to SourceForge

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    dmoran Guest

    Default BI Suite 4.0 Release Candidate posted to SourceForge

    A Release Candidate Build of BI Suite 4.0 has been published on SourceForge and is available for download.

    Please try it out, test it in your environment and make sure it's ready for release. Post any feedback - good or bad - to this forum. Report any bugs or feature requests to our bug tracking system:

    Release Candidate builds have the potential to be a final product, ready to release unless fatal bugs emerge. In this stage of product stabilization, all product features have been designed, coded and tested by the community with no known showstopper-class bugs. RC builds are ready for full testing and give the community time to find critical bugs or usability issues before the release is marked stable. RC builds should not be put into production but can be used for acceptance testing or prototyping.

    Note: The version numbers for the individual applications that make up the BI Suite 4.0 have not been synchronized to 4.0 for this release. Sorry for any confusion. I have been assured by our build guy that this was unavoidable and not a belligerent act meant to frustrate people.

    Pentaho BI Server 3.9.0-RC1:

    Pentaho Report Designer 3.8.1-RC1:

    Pentaho Metadata 4.0.0-RC1:

    Pentaho Design Studio has not been updated, continue using 3.7.0-stable:

    Pentaho Kettle 4.2 RC1 has also been posted.

    Pentaho Reporting 3.8.1 RC1 has also been posted.

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    Really good.
    But the difference (functionallity) with an enterprise edition are very too. (i'm using only a community edition and testing enterprise).

    Good Job.


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    So let me get this right.....

    The marketing dept are calling it Pentaho 4, the forum title says it is Pentaho 4.... but (like the about box says) its really 3.9... and you couldn't change the numbers to 4?

    Thats pretty impressive

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    dmoran Guest


    The way the build was set up, we burned 4.0, 4.1 and 4.2 on the DI Server... So 4.5, here we come

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    So, new features like the interactive reports (or how it is called) and dashboards will remain on enterprise release?!?
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    dmoran Guest


    Yes - And Analyzer

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    Hi to all,

    I have been testing Pentaho for about a year, and the BI tools are great, the only problem is that the community doesn't have the the full features.

    Our company here in Colombia is the number one redhat bussines partner, now is the number one Vmware Zimbra partner and right now we are the only one capable of implementing JBOSS EAP with certified engineers. But with Pentaho it has been difficult because of the lag of information and documentation, with specific information on infrastructure implementations.

    We have identified critical points for this problem:

    1. The time offered for testing and knowing the Enterprise tool is to short. its a big problem when you have to learn all administrative interface, and learn how to create dashboards and dynamic reports.

    2. When you have a a fully functional community edition working with some cubes, and some reports and you want to show it to our customer, we don't want to sell the community edition we want to show the enterprise edition, but you don't have the time to create it in 30 days and show it to our customer so they can buy the solution.

    3. As the time pass by and versions goes up, the breach between the community edition gets bigger, making it difficult to train our engineers with the community and then sell the enterprise and pretend that our engineers will know every detail of the Enterprise Edition so they can train our customer.

    I would like that Pentaho as a company could adopt the way as Redhat does development, the have a community edition, like Fedora, where Fedora has all the features of RHEL, even more, so that the community can test them use them, se if those features work and after a time they get passed or rejected to be used on the RHEL next version. The same happens with JBOSS, and in some way Zimbra.

    What a company wants is not a free software, what a company wants is support and quick resolution of problems, and that is given by the subscription, with a community version you have all the features, but you don't have support, you don't have updates, and you don't have the in site support that you get with a subscription or by buying the software.

    Hope Pentaho could change this, and adopt something similar to what Redhat does.
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    Perfectly agree with you.

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    Default why only 3.9 stable availabe for download at soureforge?

    I just looked into Pentaho's svn. there are 3.9 stable, 3.9-ga and 4.2-ga.why only 3.9 stable availabe for download at soureforge?

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    Version numbers are rather confusing for the last release. The "suite" is 4.0 - however, for the BI-SERVER it is 3.9-GA (for the 4.0-GA suite release). Kettle is 4.2-GA for the suite release.

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