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Thread: Error running a scheduled job without user logged in

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    Default Error running a scheduled job without user logged in

    Hi to all. I run every day a lot of scheduled job using del task scheduler of windows 2008 R2. Every job i scheduled are configured to run whether user is logged on or not and everything goes fine...
    Recently i've added a new job, same configuration, but when i run it i get back 0X1 status that means that the job cannot run or failed.
    I added to the job some logging files, just to understand what is happening... but with my huge surprise the log don't are written.... that means that the job can't be executed...
    I want to underline that if i run it from spoon, or from command line using kitchen, or i schedule the job using the flag "Run only when user is logged on", everything goes fine...

    I'm very frustrated, please help me.

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    Ok, the problem was a mapped network folder that, obviously, is mapped only if the user is logged of... my fault... i figured out adding a cmd script in the first step of the job.

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