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Thread: the Row denormalizer

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    Default the Row denormalizer

    Hi everybody,
    i have a problem with the row denormalizer step, I have followed the example : and in undrestood'it.
    in the attached images, the input stream and the configuration of the row normalizer step.
    the row denormalizer step give me an eror, and that's driving me crazy, because I have followed the example.

    thank you for your help
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    the problem is that i have to specify the type of the fieldsvalue! that's oki!!
    the type of de code_postale field is Integer, when I specify the type of fields like this :
    person_name String
    code_postale Integer
    Ville String
    that's not work
    but when I change the type of the code_postale to String tha's work!!
    But the code postale is Integer and not String !!!!!!!!

    Thank'you for your Help

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    I would denormalise as a String, then use a "Select Value" step and change it to Integer using the "Metadata" tab.

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    Thank you for your help Mick_data ^^

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