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Thread: Creating large(>5gig, 100k item) Zip files with Kettle

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    Default Creating large(>5gig, 100k item) Zip files with Kettle

    We need to create a very large zip file and are having a few issues, not sure if this is a limit within kettle or not.

    I have the step setup to not compress the files at all and it seems to be able to create the zip fine, but I'm getting an 'unsupported compression method' error with 7-zip when I try to open files within the archive.

    If I generate the zip manually with 7-zip it works fine. If I cut down the size of the zip it also works.

    Any ideas?

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    Since Kettle doesn't seem to be able to handle this I ended up using a linux shell script to do it. Had to install the latest version of the zip tool( to handle the large files but that was about it.

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