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Thread: Variables for HTTP URL?

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    Default Variables for HTTP URL?

    Hello. I have a job that needs to download a URL that will have a syntax something like this:

    where the "20110715" will vary from day to day. I setup a test job in Kettle like this:

    Start --> Set Variables --> HTTP

    I can use "Set Variables" to create, say, "mydate" = "20110715", then use a URL in the HTTP step like:${mydate}

    but how can I go about setting a variable dynamically, so mydate will be "20110715" today, "20110716" tomorrow, etc?

    I thought maybe I could insert a "Scripting:JavaScript" step in the job before "HTTP", but it doesn't seem to do the same thing as the "Scripting:Modified Java Script Value" option within a Transform.

    I then thought perhaps I could create a small Transform step that would us JavaScript to generate a variable that could be returned to the Job after it completes. But it appears that variables within a Transformation are lost once that step completes?

    Thanks to anyone with a solution!

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    Have a look at the transformation step: Input -> Get System Info, and make sure you set an appropriate "Variable Scope" when you Set Vars.

    Mark, Cloud2Land

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