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Thread: Parallel development of Metamodels

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    Default Parallel development of Metamodels

    Hi All!

    In order to speed things up (=sooner delivery), our team is considering developing a sizeble metamodel (~90 tables, five interconected "areas", like HR, Sales, Contract etc.) in parallel, which means, three developers working at the same time at the same metamodel. Let's say they'd first implement the five self-contained areas, and after that one or two of them would link those areas.

    Is this possible? I have tested it in several ways (like exporting, importing; sharing database repository by editing in two different machines; editing the same physical files etc.) to no avail...

    For what I now of CWM and the way PME works, it simple doesn't seem to be even nearly feasible, but I have to have a final word on it.

    Thanks a lot,

    Fábio de Salles

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    From my own experience this is not feasable with the metadata editor.
    But I am really interrested in how you plan to connect all these selfcontained areas.
    Do you plan to have one "Mega-Businessview" that a user can select if he
    decides the one of the areas is not enough for his report?

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    Hi Mgie (Maggie?),

    Thanks for your reply - you confirmed my feelings.

    Indeed, such a large metamodel might be quite a problem. Those five areas are not phisically separated - not event to the schema level. I intend to have five big business views (gathering all the relevant fields from, say, workflow documentation, contracting, contract management etc.), with maybe two or three commom issues views (holding fields common to all the areas, like employees, dates and supliers).

    They're not trully selfcontained, as they interconnect to build the whole application. So, people tables (employees, contractors etc.) are used by a lot of other tables; tables controlling the workflow are connected to buying subs-system and so on.

    Did I made it clearer or muddier?

    Regards, Fábio.

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