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Thread: Sort Step and NULLS

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    Default Sort Step and NULLS

    When I sort by a given column, nulls are always placed first. Is there any way to change this behavior?

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    Think how can you separate the stream, sort in a way you want and then merge the streams...

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    Thanks George, but I was thinking more about some kettle config property.

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    I think it's an in-built java Collections method that does the actual sorting so not something you can configure. You could just replace the nulls with an appropriately high value before sorting (and reset it afterwards if necessary.)

    Mark, Cloud2Land

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    Yep, this thing looks promising
    field ==null ? "ZZZZZZZ" : field --> sort --> "ZZZZZZZ".equalsIgnoreCase(field) ? new String() : field
    There could be a pitfall with the chosen value... but

    Thanks both

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    To sort field A nulls first you can also create an extra field B that contains false if A is null and true otherwise. Then sort on B, A ascending and you should get what you want.

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