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Thread: Table Edit Component

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    Default Table Edit Component


    sometimes I would like to give the users of the bi-server the ability to edit a database table, e.g. for entering planning data, self adjusting some configuration data etc.
    I found some tools for that ( review at )
    and was now wondering if it would be possible to have such a data grid as a plugin for the pentaho platform.
    Is there anybody else in need for such a thing ?


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    ok, it seems I am alone with this thing ...
    FYI, I found someone who integrated the FlexiGrid into Dashboards with BI-Server 3.5 but does not maintain his solution anymore.
    Will try to include this into 3.8 ff.


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    Hi Peter,

    I am looking into the same thing right now.

    What solution did you end up using?


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    nbaker Guest


    You absolutely can create a plugin for this.

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    hmm would love to, but doubt that I have the skills required.

    I guess from your comment that there is nothing out there currently usable? (I looked at the flexigrid stuff mentioned above but have not got it working yet)

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    currently our users are editing excel files that we use for table updates with kettle.
    would still love to have a plugin for that but missing skills and time
    are blockers for implementing it by myself.

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    Since this thread is pretty old I wanted to ask if anything changed in this area over the last 3 years? I would use such a component too and I cannot find anything, at least for CE. I understand that Pentaho is a BI tool and its goal is to show data, not to enter it, but nevertheless, sometimes ability to edit data in the database can be quite useful.

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