Hi Guys

We're currently looking at developing some Palo functionality for
Kettle. This will be committed after 4.2GA.

Amongst the changes, I've developed two new steps:
1. Create Cube
2. Delete Cube

I need icons for those new steps.

Where did the other Palo icons come from? I want the new steps to
have the same cube in the background (like the current cube steps)
with a small delete/create icon in the corner like the "File
Create"/"File Delete" step. I found the Palo cube icon at Talend's
website (http://www.talendforge.org/components - tPaloCube), but I'm
not sure how the image copyright work and don't want to grab that if
it will cause issues.

If someone can give me some direction on how I can go about creating
those two new icons I'd appreciate it.

Kind Regards,

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